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Rav Holly is a visionary creative whose journey from the expansive ranches of West Texas to the bustling streets of Hollywood is as inspiring as the stories he tells. Born and raised in the small west Texas town of Lubbock, Texas, Rav's unique background, coupled with his immense talent, has made him a prominent figure in the film industry.

Hailing from the legendary Holly family, which includes the iconic music artist the late, Buddy Holly, creativity seems to run in Rav's blood. However, his path to cinematic greatness began far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. In his early years, he experienced the humble and hardworking lifestyle of a West Texas ranch, instilling in him a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Rav Holly's artistic journey officially kicked off in Dallas, Texas in late, 1999 when he embarked on a career as a Commercial Photographer. His lens captured the essence of people, products, and places, and his ability to tell compelling visual stories quickly garnered attention. His dedication and passion for the craft paved the way for a remarkable ascent in the world of photography.

In 2006, Rav decided to take a leap of faith and set his sights on the epicenter of the entertainment industry, California. He found his new home in the vibrant coastal city of Huntington Beach and took on an on-staff position as a Photographer for the world-renowned Mixed Martial Arts Sports Agency, MMAagents. This experience allowed him to immerse himself in the world of sports and entertainment, honing his skills and expanding his creative horizons.

However, Rav Holly's ambitions did not stop at photography. Driven by a burning desire to share his unique perspective with the world, he transitioned into the world of the film industry. His innate storytelling ability, coupled with his background in visual arts, made him a natural fit for the director's chair.

Over the years, Rav has worked on a wide range of projects, from gripping dramas to heartwarming documentaries, earning critical acclaim and a devoted following. His work is marked by a keen eye for detail, a passion for authenticity, and a deep connection to the human experience

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Rav has appeared on television shows, such as Entertainment Tonight, has been interviewed for People Magazine and his work has been featured in print and multimedia form all over the world.

Some Top Published/Featured Work:

Breitling 2015 Ad Campaign - Consultant
People Magazine
Ellen Degeneres Show
Katie Couric show
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Partial Past/Present Client List:

Olivia Newton-John
John Travolta
Getty Images
NBC Universal - Savages Media Tour - 2012
Millionaires Matchmaker - Bravo TV - Los Angeles, CA - 2010-2012
NBC - CSI Miami - Episode Shoot - Long Beach, CA.
ABC - Life on Mars - Pilot Shoot - Long Beach, CA.
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship - Las Vegas, NV (Zuffa, LLC.)
WEC - World Extreme Cage Fighting - Las Vegas, NV (Zuffa, LLC.)
Total Combat Fighting - San Diego, CA.
King of the Cage - Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Palace Fighting Championship - Lemoore, CA
MMAjunkie.com - 2008 Best MMA News Winner
Famous Stars & Straps - Los Angeles, CA.
Razor Clothing Company - Huntington Beach, CA
Painful Glory Clothing Company - Los Angeles, CA.
MMAagents.com - Huntington Beach, California
JC MODEL GROUP - Dallas, Texas
MyloMedia, INC. - Las Vegas, Nevada
Von Dutch - Los Angeles, CA. on location shoot South Beach
SumP Energy Drink - Televised Bikini Contest - South Beach, Florida
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram - Ft. Worth, TX
Mesquite PeeWee Long Horns Football photographer
Mesquite Dragons Soccer - Team Pictures